Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood watch is also called as neighborhood crime watch or crime watch in a certain community. This is an organized group of citizens who are devoted to prevent vandalism and other sorts of crime within the neighborhood. Meaning to say, neighborhood watch is a type of scheme in order to make sure that neighborhood or the community is free from any type of crime. This is a scheme wherein the community will have the chance to keep an eye on the neighbor’s properties, street patrolling, reporting suspicious events to the enforcers and others

The main goal of neighborhood watch is to educate or inform the community regarding the safety and security as well as achieving the safe and protected neighborhood. On the other hand, when the time comes that there’s a threat of crime, the members of the citizen watch are encouraged to call the enforcers to do the surveillance and not to interfere. As a matter of fact, it is also one of the most important parts of crime watch in the United States.

Town Watch

This is a type of program that is similar to the neighborhood watch. However, the main difference of town watch is that the people who are assigned to do to the roving on area are wearing marked caps or jackets. These people are also carrying 2 way radios in order to effectively and fast contact the local authorities. Additionally, the town watch is also serves as part of the police wherein they have a certain equipment and gear. This is because when they see certain crime then they can act right away while waiting for the authorities to arrive. They can pin down a criminal that is seen doing something nasty. The town watch also has also acquired the best training that is important to fight suspected criminals that might be doing a crime.

Is It Right to Have these Groups?

Yes, neighborhood citizen watch is undeniably very helpful for the reason that it can be a great edge to assure that the community can prevent in any crime. For example, one family goes to a family trip for a week with the citizen crime watch, the house or the property can be protected from burglar and other criminals. It is also an effective tool to be sure that no crime like rape, racial crime and other can happen.

As there are also crime that are related to the citizen crime watch people, it is very essential to screen the people who are applying or interested to become part of the neighborhood watch. This is because some aren’t fit for the job.

In conclusion, citizen crime watch is certainly a very helpful means to prevent crime in a certain community. One just needs to understand its real reason why it is formed. It is an ideal tool that can be useful for any community to get the right opportunity to be protected.